Store Closed Until December 10th 2020

We're sorry to inform you all that we will be postponing our in store Winter Sale due to an employee testing positive for COVID-19.

We just got word an hour ago that one of our employees has tested positive for the virus. This employee last worked at the store on Saturday, November 28th. We have no reason to believe any customers would be affected as we have a strict mask wearing mandate in our store. However due to the prolonged exposure that all of our employees have with one another, we are temporarily closing the store while everyone at the store gets tested.

As of today, December 3rd, no other employee has reported any symptoms and we are closing the store and postponing the in store sale out of abundance of caution.

The online sale will still be going on, with 15% off the entire online store by using code WINTER15 today (Thursday) and tomorrow. But curbside and in store pickup will not be available until Thursday December 10th, and shipments may not be packed and sent out until Monday December 7th at the earliest.

Our immediate plan is to have everyone tested as soon as possible. Given the time frame of 5 days after the last contact with the infected employee, no one else is reporting symptoms.

If everyone else here at Sugarcreek Bird Farm tests negative, then we will be having the in store sale on Thursday December 10th and Saturday December 12th.

Of course this is a situation literally evolving as this email is being typed. We will try to update everyone as soon as we know more, but please be patient as we try to sort everything out. We're very sorry about any inconvenience this has caused.

If you're in dire need of bird food before Thursday December 10th, please call us at (937) 848-4819 and leave a message. We will do our best to answer, have you pay over the phone, and leave the food outside to be picked up. But please be patient as we're running on the smallest staff possible. Thank you.

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