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Black Palms

Many people have fallen in love with Nero, our store Black Palm Cockatoo, and have asked us how they can acquire one for themselves. To be honest, it can be extremely hard to come across one. They have been considered the Panda’s of the bird world, as they are extremely hard to raise from chicks. Black Palm Cockatoos are native to the rainforests in the South Pacific. Even in the wild these species have a very hard time rearing their chicks past one year of age. With that said, us humans still haven’t been able to perfect the raising of this species leaving only one or two a year IF THAT with successfully skilled breeders. Researchers aren’t quite sure why they have a hard time keeping their babies alive, and many have come to the conclusion that it may be due to photosensitive skin that reacts to natural sunlight. This also increases their price point, so if you are looking to purchase a Black Palm Cockatoo, you may want to act like you’re saving for a brand new car.


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