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Adult Birds

Adult Blue and Gold Macaw



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BeeGee is looking for a perfect home for his special needs! BeeGee is a wild caught bird, which makes it hard to know his exact age, but our vet approximates it around 30. He has recently survived a house fire and lost his macaw companion. While he feels very comfortable being around other birds, he does have Psittacid Herpes Virus 1 and should not be housed near other birds. He would do best as an only bird to prevent the spread of this. It will not hinder his life span or quality of life, but we need to responsibly prevent the spread of the virus. He is most comfortable with a towel over the hand (more than likely was handled with gloves) and is getting better about being taken in and out of his cage. He will take a special person to take him on and we are on the search for you!

Finches & Canaries



Please note that the birds in the picture may not be the exact ones we have in the store.  These pictures are simply to show the type of bird that we currently have in the store at the time of updating the list.  The only way to see the exact bird is to come see them in our physical store. These prices are not necessarily final, with the final exact price on the cage of each bird in store.

American Singer Canary, Male

$99 each

Unsexed Red Factor Baby Canaries

$99 each

Yellow Face Star Finch

$89 each

German Roller Canaries, Male

$99 each

Female Canaries

$79 each

Java Rice Finch

$89 each

Yellow Backed Lady Gouldian Finch

$275 each

Green Back Lady Gouldian Finches


Zebra Finch

$15 each