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Adult Birds

Female Blue and Gold Macaw




Keno is a 23 year old, DNA sexed female macaw. She recently came to us due to her owner’s health problems. She does prefer the company of women. She is a talker (and a screamer). She has been vet checked and is healthy, but her feather condition does need some work. She will require at least 3 visits from a potential new owner and a final adoption must be approved by a manager. She is $1,000.


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Finches & Canaries

Updated: 12/28/19

Please note that the birds in the picture may not be the exact ones we have in the store.  These pictures are simply to show the type of bird that we currently have in the store at the time of updating the list.  The only way to see the exact bird is to come see them in our physical store. These prices are not necessarily final, with the final exact price on the cage of each bird in store.

Orange Cheeked Waxbill Finch

$45 each

Male Intense Red

Factor Canary

$175 each

Zebra Finch

$15 each

Silver Bill Finch

$35 each

Java Rice Finch

$59 each

Yellow Faced Star


$89 each

Cut Throat Finch Pair

$110 per pair

Shaft Tail Finches

$89 each

Variegated Unsexed Canaries

$79 each

Male German Roller Canaries

$99 each

Yellow Backed Gouldian Pair

Female German Roller Canaries

$79 each

$275 pair