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Adult Birds

ATTENTION: Visits for any of these birds must be by appointment. Please call to set up a time to visit at 937-848-4819. While “first come, first served” does come into play, the bottom line is to find the best fitting home for each bird and comes down to the manager’s discretion as to who is approved to adopt each bird.

Finches & Canaries



We are now DNA sexing all canaries that are for sale. We do not offer any singing or health guarantee after purchase. Males typically sing once they hit 6 months of age, but all birds vary. We cannot guarantee a DNA sexed male will sing.

Please note that the birds in the picture may not be the exact ones we have in the store.  These pictures are simply to show the type of bird that we currently have in the store at the time of updating the list.  The only way to see the exact bird is to come see them in our physical store. These prices are not necessarily final, with the final exact price on the cage of each bird in store.

Green Backed Lady Gouldian Finches

$125 each

Male Canaries

$125 each

Yellow Backed Lady Gouldian Finch

$200 each

Shaft Tail Finch

$99 each

Female Canaries

$99 each

Zebra Finch

$15 each

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