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Online Informational Classes

We will be hosting a series of informational classes completely online all about birds for every stage of a bird's life and your care of them. 

These classes will all be online via Google Meet. They will each be 1 hour long followed by 15 minutes of discussion, and have time for questions that you  may have about the material covered.

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Bird Basics

Class 1

 An introduction to bird care. This class will go over the joys and demands of pet bird ownership. We will discuss what it means to own a pet bird for a lifetime, the commitment it takes, what to expect, and how to do it easily. If you are new to birds this class will be a perfect introduction into our world. If you have contemplated getting a pet bird but are not sure if you could handle it, then this is it for you!

Class 2

Bird Life

Joining the Flock: an in-depth class that will explain living set up, daily care for your bird including nutrition, foraging, and enrichment, and tips on how to manage a daily schedule with a flock.


Class 3

Bird Development

The Lifelong Commitment to your Pet Parrot: Your cute, sweet baby bird will soon grow up into a mature adult with needs that we may not be able to meet. We will discuss what to expect and how to handle it to keep your relationship amazing from day one. This class will also cover common health issues in our companion parrots.


Bernie will be teaching each of the 3 classes multiple times throughout the year to give everyone more chances to take the class(es) they want. Each class will go over the same preset materials, so you can take them whenever your schedule permits.

Each class is $10 each, or $25 if you buy all three classes in the discounted bundle. With the discounted bundle, you can pick which dates you would like to take each of the classes.

Below are the current announced and projected dates for each class, and links to purchase the tickets for classes with a confirmed date.

The class series has come to an end.

Please check back in at a later date for more class series.

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