Sugarcreek Bird Farm Information

Welcome to Sugarcreek Bird Farm! We raise over 30 different species of parrots and parakeets and specialize in tame, hand fed baby birds. Our store is unique....we not only offer all the retail needs you are looking for, but we also have a large 40' x 30' outdoor aviary that you can visit during our open ours.

Many of our pet birds that stay in the store love to free fly in the aviary and visit with our guests! Our aviary is typically open spring-fall with days that are 58 degrees or higher. Come on a nice day and you'll get to visit with species like Hyacinth Macaws, Slender Billed Cockatoos, African Greys, Eclectus, Rosebreasted Cockatoos, Black Palm Cockatoo, and even an African Pied Crow!

sbf bird farm info.jpg