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How To Purchase A Bird

At Sugarcreek Bird Farm, we strive to have the best collection of adoptable birds. While at the same time, we also ensure that anyone purchasing a bird from us fully understands the needs and responsibilities that any bird comes with.  

To further help people when they're making a decision on a bird, here is a quick overview of the cost and methods that go into picking, adopting, and eventually bringing home our feathered friend. 

Birds are purchased in the store or over the phone. We do not sell birds directly online.

Available Birds

If there is an available bird in the store you would like to buy, you have multiple ways of purchasing it. 

To have a bird put aside for you until it's ready to go home, you must pay a minimum of 20% of the bird's full price. You're welcome to pay any other amount higher than 20% of the price, but a 20% deposit is required to mark the bird as Sold.  

Once the bird is old enough to leave the store, the remaining amount of the bird MUST be paid off before the it leaves the store.  

Future Deposit

We are currently not taking future deposits on most species as we are in the “off season” for breeding. You may put your name on our wait list to secure your spot before we start accepting future deposits again. 

Hand Feeding

A bird is deemed “ready to go home” depending on the species. Smaller species that are harder to wean individually are fully weaned off of the formula before going home. This includes the following species:

Bourke Parakeets
Lineolated Parakeets

All other species will go home on 2 hand feedings per day. If you do not wish to hand feed, a 20-25% additional fee will be added depending on the species. Hand feeding is a wonderful bonding experience with your new bird and is not difficult to do. We thoroughly educate you on how to hand feed before taking your new baby home. 

Sending Home

Once a deposit is placed and your bird is “ready to go home” you have 10 days to pick your bird up before a boarding fee would begin. We will notify you multiple times before the 10 days are up. 

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