Meet Our Staff

Pete and Paula


Paula and Pete received a cockatiel as a wedding present 50 years ago. Their love for birds eventually grew into a hobby, breeding birds in their home, and then into a business. They opened into a retail store 30 years ago. "We are blessed that the shop is now in the capable hands of our daughter, Bernadette". They are currently enjoying semi-retirement as Bernadette learns all the facets of the business.


Senior Sales Staff

Alicia is the assistant manager of Sugarcreek Bird Farm and first started working with us nearly five years ago.  Along with her husband and daughter, Alicia homes four African Greys, a Cockatiel, Canaries, and a Button Quail.


Head of Morning Nursery Care

Gloria’s first day with us was in April of 2016, and she heads feeding and caring for the baby birds in the Baby Room in the mornings.  So in the evening and afternoons at home, she looks after her Cockatiel, 2 Bourke Parakeets, 2 Parrotlets, and a Canary.


Baby Care and Sales Staff

Liz is essential in making sure babies are hand fed, customers are up to date on their birds, and early morning feedings.  Along with her two dogs, she and her husband have a Red Rump Parakeet, two Saffron Finches, 3 Owl Finches, 2 Gouldian Finches, 2 Society Finches, and a Koi Fish. 


Sales Staff

Madison has been a vital part of our sales staff team since 2019 as well as caring for all of our store birds and babies. While she doesn't have a pet bird yet, no matter how many Bernie tries to convince her of, she does love to watch wild birds and wildlife photography.


Sales Staff

Andy first started working here as a volunteer in 2019 and now he works as a stocker and helps keep the birds' cages clean. At home, he has a White Faced Cockatiel named Leo and a dog named Sugar.


Head of IT and Graphic Design

David is in charge of graphic design, behind-the-scenes tech, and our website and online store. At home, David has an HP Envy X360 laptop, OnePlus 6T, a run-down HP Compaq desktop computer, a Nintendo Switch, a Nintendo 3DS, an Xbox 360, and a cat. 



Since the store opened the year Bernie was born, she’s been around the birds from the beginning. Bernie has managed the store since 2010 after her graduation from The Ohio State University. Her focus has been on educating customers specifically on nutrition, enrichment, and toy making. At home she has an Umbrella Cockatoo, 2 Blue Head Pionus and 2 Cockatiels.


Head of Store Pet Care

Bev is responsible for our store birds' care and has worked here for ten years .  Bev shares her home with an Umbrella Cockatoo, Goffin Cockatoo, Congo African Grey, Indian Ringneck, two Lovebirds & three Cockatiels.


Sales Staff

Nathan was hired in December of 2018 and plays a huge part in helping customers on the weekends.  He takes a high tech approach when it comes to charting the health of his own birds which include a Sun Conure, Blue and Gold Macaw, and a Curl-Crested Araçari.


Sales Staff

Brittany first started working with us in August 2019.  She is instrumental in caring for our store birds and all of boarded birds.  Once done caring for those birds, she heads home to care for her Blue and Gold Macaw, Jardine Parrot, Sun Conure, 2 Greencheek Conures, Java Finches, and a Budgie.


Volunteer Coordinator

Tracy has been with us since 2019 as our Volunteer Coordinator as well as helping care for our birds during closed days. She has a house full of kids, animals, and birds that her husband Scott "puts up with". She has a Greencheek Conure, an African Grey, Cockatiel, Goffin Cockatoo, Quaker, 3 Rosey Bourke Parakeets, 2 guinea pigs, 3 dogs, rabbits, oh and 4 human children, too.


Seasonal Volunteer 

Although she's not old enough for a bird of her own yet, she's been preparing for one for years and hopes to get a Bourke soon.