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Career Day

Sometimes it can be hard coming out of your comfort zone. So when a good customer of ours, Lisa, asked me if I wanted to present at her school’s Career Day I was a bit hesitant but accepted the offer.

I spoke on many topics. All from what made me want a degree in Zoology, my journey to the bird farm, what working at a small business entails and how to get a solid foot in the door. All things I didn’t know when I was in their shoes, but wish I had known as I continued my journey.

Of course, I brought Miss Mandy for some emotional support but she also had a blast meeting all of the students (and some teachers who had never interacted with birds before). Overall, I’m happy that I stepped out of my comfort zone and was able to share my passion for wildlife and animal care with the new generation of potential bird enthusiasts.

I hope they didn’t mind me gushing about hand-feeding babies too much 😊

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