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Oops, this toy isn't safe... Now what?

How to convert a substandard toy into something exciting! Mirrors can cause all sorts of hormone related health and behavior problems, but when I saw this one I couldn't help but wonder if it could become something positive instead. My own bird is a species that typically forages on the ground, so climbing and chewing can be difficult to encourage her to do. Since this toy has a perch area, I thought “what if I could turn this into a chewing space that geared more towards her natural inclinations?”.

 I started by removing the mirrors. Then I removed all the glue residue. Next I drilled some holes. Never forget to put a wood block between your item to be drilled and the table it rests on! This will not only protect your table, but it will also help the plastic to not crack.

The last step was to add the toy parts! I chose some of her favorite toy parts, but I also added some new types to keep things interesting. The best parts of this toy are the fact that it is “re-loadable” when it's destroyed or becomes boring, and the cost! All the toy parts here came from our toy parts area, and only added up to $5.01 after tax! Sometimes it just takes a little thinking outside of the box to make a great, easy toy for our birds. Enjoy crafting!

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