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Cheerful Sunday

My mom may be “retired” but she’ll always be my go to for when a bird needs extra attention! No matter how we plan ahead, things tend to get busy when we have events. Last week we were fortunate to have two Harlequin Macaws hatch and the parents were feeding them both quite well (not always the norm for them) and then on Monday the third egg decided to hatch, too! With the size difference between the chicks, the parents were not taking care of the 3rd baby, so we pulled it from the nest to hand feed it. Wedding prep meant working around feeding this one every 2-3 hours 🙈 And I’m happy to say he attended his first wedding with us 😎 Here, she shows one of my friends and my niece how she feeds such a little baby and explains the work that goes in to raising birds. WHAT would we do without Paula?? 😘

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