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Cuddly Quakers

I personally cannot wait for baby Quakers to come into the nursery as they are definitely one of the cutest babies we raise! They make excellent pets and can be great for individuals and families. They are quite good at mimicking, can be very cuddly and affectionate, and are generally one of the quieter species in tone, although not what we consider “apartment friendly” species. Quakers can become incredibly possessive of their cage (especially males, looking at you Tootsie), as they are natural nest builders. They view their cage and space as their nest much more so than many other species and therefore can become quite protective of it. We always recommend changing up their cage setup on a weekly basis to help lighten this common behavior. Not only because they are getting new things and a new set up, but they are seeing our hands inside their space and getting more and more comfortable with it.

Be aware though, Quakers are extremely hardy, and can survive in even the toughest environments, which makes them illegal to own in some states. They are considered “agricultural pests” officially, as they are thriving in feral colonies in places such as Chicago, New York, Florida, Texas, and California. Therefore they are outlawed to be owned in several states and restrictions in ownership in others. Here in Ohio, state law requires you to have their wings clipped. If you have plans to move in the future, make sure to do your research about where you’d move to so you don’t have to give up your bird.

Please PM us or stop by the store if you are interested in joining the waitlist for this amazing species. You can also come play with our store pet Quakers: Lulu and Tootsie any time we are open to get a hands-on experience with what Quakers are all about!

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