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Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Let's talk about mirrors! Mirrors are one of the most common and stereotypical bird toys out there. If you go to a big box pet store, you can bet you'll find a plethora of mirrors marketed for birds. However, you may have noticed, we do not sell or recommend any toys with mirrors.

So what's the big deal with mirrors? The main issue is that birds do not recognize the bird in the mirror as themselves, and see it as either a potential mate or a threat. Birds get frustrated when the bird in the mirror doesn't respond to their advances, and this can cause a multitude of behavioral issues.

And the hormones! Unless you want your bird to become a horny feathered teenager, don't offer them a mirror. Mirrors can and will cause multiple hormonal issues, including: -egg laying -nonstop regurgitation -increased "rubbing" on toys, perches, and you -nesting behaviors -territoriality -aggressiveness -etc. ------ We've seen birds so addicted to their mirrors and their perceived "mate" that they refuse to leave and hinder their appetite. Regurgitating so constantly (to impress their "mate" that isn't responding) that they get a bacterial infection. Super sweet angel birds that are acting aggressive out of nowhere. And countless behavioral issues caused by mirrors.

Even if your bird isn't having any noticeable issues (yet), we recommend that all mirrors be removed from their cage.

------ The belief that mirrors are good for birds is very much an outdated belief. New research is always changing what we know and believe to be appropriate for birds, and mirrors are one of those things that used to be a staple for pet birds, but now are not recommended.

A mirror is no substitute for a real bird friend or your attention. Just because it keeps them occupied doesn't mean it's good.

It is our goal to always encourage everyone to strive for the best and most up-to-date care as possible, so please skip the mirror and instead find some great natural foragers and shredder toys to keep your bird happy!

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