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Tukki the Tooter

Meet Tukki, a 26 year old male Jardine’s Parrot, an original SBF sugarbaby! Tukki is another fan favorite with both our customers and our staff. One thing he isn’t lacking is personality! Tukki was hatched here at the shop and sold in 1997. His family did an amazing job with him, socializing him, and teaching him a variety of whistles and noises. When the last of the kids went off to college, the parents didn’t have time for him, and sold him back to us in 2011. He had a very different personality back then. He was much more unpredictable in what kind of mood he’d be in each day, and was very aggressive in his cage, especially over his food bowls. But when a little kid would approach him, he was an angel! He was mostly handled by the kids in his first home, so he has a real soft spot for kids. He usually invites them over by giving a loud raspberry, which of course every kid thinks is hilarious! He also loves to say softly “Tukki, Tukki, Tukki”, plays peekaboo, and says “mommy” in a pretty creepy voice . Over the years he has mellowed a lot, understanding the routine of the store, and the variety of people he gets to meet each day. He is almost always a sweetie nowadays!

About five years ago we found a lump on Tukki’s side and unfortunately after a visit at Dr. Dahlhausen’s, found out it was cancerous. He has been through two surgeries and is now cancer free! Due to the scar tissue build up on his side, he picks his feathers in that area a lot, probably from the odd feeling below the skin. Unfortunately during different times of the year, he picks more than others, so you might spot him with a more naked look when you come in.

Tukki currently loves hanging out on his neighbor Mandy’s cage when she goes outside. Every afternoon he plays with all her toys and investigates anything new. I’m sure when they get put away at night he tells her all about how he touched all her stuff, like a bratty little brother . Come say hi to Tukki next time you’re in and give him a “toot” back when he greets you.

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