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Trick for Treats!

Trick or Treat or maybe a Trick for Treats? Foraging is a wonderful way to get your bird's mental juices flowing. In the wild, birds are constantly in search of their next meal but in captivity they often just get all their food for the day handed on a silver platter (or bowl). It’s imperative that birds exercise their minds as they are extremely intelligent creatures. So how do foraging toys work? They are designed to range from easy to hard, but nonetheless they encourage your bird to work for their treats. Some foragers have drawers that pull out in different ways, some are as simple as making them work past a cage, and others that are more tricky and have pulley systems your bird needs to figure out. Do you have to buy a fancy acrylic forager? No. You may have heard us say it already but ANY toy can become a foraging toy. Stuff treats in the paper, loofahs, cardboard slices, really anything you can and just like magic you not only give them more of an incentive to shred their toys but a little snack to go with it.

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