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New Year, New Bird

Just like with us humans the New Year is also the perfect opportunity to start a healthier lifestyle for your bird! There is a world of nutrition that sometimes gets ignored due to lack of access or availability, this is why it is amazing that some brands have ensured they have a diverse blend of healthy, native and natural foods to provide to your bird.

Here are some of our recommendations to try out in the New Year! These items will be included in our January monthly special to kick off 2024 just right. So if anything piques your interest come on in and try it at a discounted price.

  • Biodiversity Flower Forage (in store only)

    • This floral blend is carefully formulated to encourage natural foraging behaviors while offering a wide variety of nutrients. This blend can be mixed with dry or fresh foods or offered in a variety of ways that encourage healthy foraging behaviors. Ingredients: Hibiscus*, Red rose bud/petals*, Calendula*, Cornflowers*, Jasmine flower*, Lavender flower*, Chamomile*, Red clover* -*denotes organic ingredient

  • Biodiversity Green Forage (in store only)

    • Containing small ground up flowers and herbs, this product is great for natural foraging once sprinkled on top of food. There are also many health benefits and nutrients added to the diet with the use of this product.

Ingredients: Thyme leaf*, Rosemary leaf*, Peppermint*, Sage*, Oregano*, Dandelion Root*, Red Clover*, Rama holy basil (tulsi)* - *denotes organic ingredient

  • Biodiversity Go Wild! Conservation Foraging Blends (Med-Lrg) (in store only)

    • A foraging blend with larger unique seed and nut chunks is a wonderful addition to your birds treat mix and sprinkled on top of fresh food for a great boost of protein and nutrients. This mix comes in a variety of sizes for different species of bird so make sure you select the right size for your bird if you purchase in store.

Ingredients vary by size variety: Unsweetened banana chips, walnut, pecan, unsweetened coconut and husk, squash seed, pumpkin seed, star anise, pine nuts, carrot, rosehips*, hibiscus flowers*, chamomile flowers*, rooibos*, kelor nuts (Moringa spp.), ketapang nuts (Terminalia spp.), asem nut and pods (Tamarindus spp.), kenari nut (Canarium spp.), Rotan nut (Calamus spp.), Ceylon cinnamon bark*, unsulfured apple dices, red rose bud/petals*, calendula flower*, cornflowers, jasmine flower buds*, lavender flower buds*, red clover flowers*, thyme leaf*, rosemary leaf*, peppermint*, sage*, oregano*, dandelion root*, red clover*, Rama holy basil (tulsi)*, freeze dried mealworms and/or black soldier fly larvae* -*denotes organic ingredient

  • Sprouted blends from China Prairie ( in store and online)

    • Sprouted seed of any kind is adds a punch of nutrients to your birds diet and is a familiar food they feel comfortable picking up. To sprout, soak the seeds for 24 hours and then rinse twice a day with cool water until tails appear.

Ingredients vary between the types of seed mix you order, to see the seed mix options check out our online store:

  • Ceylon Cinnamon and Star Anise

    • Both are Holiday spices for us and also safe for your birds to consume! Some birds may just shred it while others will ingest it and both options are equally as mentally stimulating. With this said, Ceylon Cinnamon is the only safe variety of cinnamon stick to give to your bird.

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