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Time to Soar with these new products!

New products alert! We are very excited for these new products from our friends at China Prairie! If you've been looking for a more natural supplement or probiotic to add to your bird's diet, look no further. Universal and Soar are both great supplements you can sprinkle onto your bird's fresh items each day. Soar is specially formulated to aid in bird's that have been sick or under stressors such as breeding, egg laying, etc. Enhance is a probiotic for all types of birds that can also be added onto your bird's fresh items. These are especially important to give when your bird has been on antibiotics, ill, or stressed and needs beneficial bacteria added back to their system. Dreamy Dust is a freeze dried food topper. If your bird is one that likes to pick big chunk of food and toss the aside, this would be a great alternative! Get all the benefits of fresh veggies, fruits, and nuts without all the mess.

And don't forget that the avian tea line is back! Glow!Up teas are available in three different varieties for all types of birds. We have samples available of these products as well next time you are in.

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