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Reach for the... Bird

Do you have high ceilings or a bird that just loves to get themselves in trouble by perching on the tallest window? We understand the frustration!

With having a large outdoor aviary we totally understand the stubbornness of a bird that is just out of reach and knows it, especially when they don’t want to go to bed for the night. That’s why this extender perch may be just what you need!

Of course, like all things introduced to your flock, we recommend getting your bird accustomed to this perch before attempting to use it for the first time. That means teaching them to set up on the perch at a normal height, so it’s a bit less scary. With a little practice, they will be much more willing to step up on this circular rope perch. Not to mention, there is a cup attached that’s perfect for bribing with their favorite snacks.

Mandy was a great sport showing you just how useful this perch can be for your home! This item is not on our online stores just yet, but can be found in the physical store for $29.99.

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