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Grooming now requires an appointment, we will no longer be accepting walk-in grooming. Please click the box if you would like to set up an appointment.


  • Please make an appointment, no walk-in grooming allowed.

  • Limited grooming is done during sale dates

  • Please bring an appropriately sized towel to be used per bird.

  • Any fully flighted bird must be in a carrier or harness when brought into the store.

  • Birds with overgrown or injured beaks are priced on an individual basis $10-15

  • Please bring an appropriately sized towel outside of the carrier to be used to help us groom your bird.

Grooming Chart 7-14-19.jpg


Prices Effective July 2020

  • Reservations must be made in advance. Appointments can be made on any day of the week between 8-4:30pm

  • Fees begin the day of drop off. (Exception: late drop off with no charge allowed 6-7pm Monday and Thursday only). Fees apply on day of pick up if picked up after 10am.

  • Additional fee for birds still hand feeding or on oral medications.

  • Abandoned birds will be sold to cover the cost of boarding fees

  • A minimum of 2 safe, appropriate, hanging toys are REQUIRED for your bird's stay. If you do not bring toys or the toys are deemed unsafe by staff you will be asked to purchase at least 2 upon drop off.

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DNA Testin

DNA & Disease Testing

We offer DNA sexing at our store. The test is done through a blood sample, taken from the toenail. DNA testing costs $35, results with certificate within 7-10 days. Also available are variety of disease testing, including PBFD, Psittacosis, Polyoma, and others.

Cost dependent on test.

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