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The Original Outdoor Aviary

Pretty soon after the store opened in 1993 the space became extremely tight for customers. The popularity of owning pet birds was at its height and the store became busier and busier. Within just a few years, they were already considering how to expand the space to accommodate the crowds. Behind the building there was a garden space that my dad and his friend Marty transformed into a deck with an aviary on top of it. The main part of the aviary was from Corners Unlimited and then from wire rolls, they built the remaining parts. We still have the octagon base of the aviary and is attached to our current aviary. You may recognize it as housing our Greencheek Conure pairs during the summer.

The aviary was used more for our young babies learning to fly and wean more than an area for people to interact with our personal pets, like it is now. It was an excellent space for people to understand how much space and exercise is important for pet birds and what they could create in their own backyard space.

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