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Throwback: Planning The Store

The new purchase of 108 S Main was made in the fall of 1998 and our family moved into the farmhouse that winter. The next year or so meant a lot of planning and finding the right contractor to make our dream a reality. Back then we were not just planning on how to build a storefront out of a farm equipment pole barn. Where would our hundred or so pairs of breeder birds live? We also had to plan for the future with what we could do for an outdoor space for the birds, storage for personal items and store products, and more. After 6 months or so of planning things, my mom going to city council meetings to get the approval of opening the store front, and getting building permits approved, construction finally began. It took only 3-4 months to get things finalized enough to move in, which began in the summer of 2000. Longtime customers: do you have any memories of our change from the 800 square foot on Franklin St to our 3,000 square feet current location?

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