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Adventures with Mandy!

Recently I brought Mandy, our store Moluccan cockatoo, along on one of my hikes just so she could have some time away from the busy store and out in nature. Needless to say she absolutely adored her trip. I think her least favorite part was the “scary” Turkey Vulture that flew overhead and earned a few firm warning screams.

Just like humans, most birds enjoy the enrichment that new places can provide. When they get to experience new places in a positive manner, they grow more welcome to change. This is also a great example of why we advocate going on happy trips with your bird when applicable. If the only time your bird leaves the house is for grooming appointments or vet visits, it can lead to excess anxiety and stress surrounding leaving their safe place. However, if the experiences are split evenly, your bird doesn’t quite know what to expect and therefore will be calmer going to those stress inducing places.

The most important PSA I can give if you’re planning on taking your flock on adventures is to please please PLEASE do so safely. It takes one good gust of wind to take any bird, clipped or unclipped, far away from us when they aren’t in a harness or carrier. Even though we feel like they’d come right back, the fear of what happened can be paralyzing. So please, have fun this summer and explore the wilderness with your flock but do so safely.

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